JK1 WELDING & FABRICATION is a flexible job shop able to provide a wide variety of services.

WELDING – We repair and fabricate parts for your items and machinery in steel, iron, aluminum, brass, bronze and stainless steel. We provide on site services for evaluation, disassembly, repairs and reassembly.

FABRICATION – We start with concept and design of your ideas and creations or work from your own specifications to create prototypes and production units from sheet metal, bar stock and forged items in all materials.

BLACKSMITHING – We create decorative and structural items. Starting with bar stock and our coal and gas fired forges we can hammer and swage just about any kind of pattern or design.

FINISHING – We have professional paint spraying and polishing and brush finishing for stainless, aluminum, brass and bronze.

Contact us for a free on-site job quote or to discuss ideas of fabricating your own creations.